6 New and latest Whatsapp features 2021

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6 Latest WhatsApp Features You Must Explore In 2021

In this New Year 2021 with a new beginning, I am here to showcase some of the 6 latest WhatsApp features which you need to explore.

We all have witnessed the most challenging year ever i.e., 2020. A year, that brought along the crisis which affected the whole world both positively and negatively.

With an end to 2020 on a positive note, let’s leave behind all the bad and move-on to begin 2021 by hoping all good. In this New year 2021 with a new beginning, find some of the 6 new WhatsApp features which you need to check-out.

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Six new features of WhatsApp you need to explore in 2021

1. Fingerprint lock

The first and foremost feature, that you need to enable if you are concerned about privacy, security and to prevent messages from someone who spies on you. To enable this feature — Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, then click on Horizontal ellipsis or menu for more options > Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock. Enable unlock with fingerprint feature to open your WhatsApp app. Set the amount of time to immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes before fingerprint authentication is shown

2. Change the number

At any given point in time, be mindful if you wish to delete your WhatsApp account. Instead, swap with the Change number feature by changing the WhatsApp number. Without losing your existing WhatsApp chat history change the number of WhatsApp and in the meantime notify all your existing contact about the change. This could be a life savior if you wish to get rid of, forwarded messages from individuals or groups on WhatsApp. To help yourself with this feature — Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, then click on Horizontal ellipsis or menu for more options > Settings > Account > Change number > Next. Complete all the actions until the end and notify your contacts.

3. Search chat message, media, links, and docs

Another most important feature, that makes your message search easy from the chat history. Along with this, you can also search for media, documents, and links shared in the past. Make use of this wonderful feature by clicking on any individual or group chats. Click on Horizontal ellipsis or more options on the individual or group chat > > input keyword to discover text message. Media, links, and docs > Navigate between tabs to discover your required files.

4. Star *messages

You can start a specific message, that you can later refer to. This feature works similar to bookmarking a message or part of your chat. To enable or use this feature all you have to do is, press and hold part of your chat and click on a star icon shown on the head-tab. To find all your starred messages Click on Horizontal ellipsis or more options from the main chats tab and click on the Starred messages option. Later, you can unstar messages too.

5. Disappearing messages

You can turn on or off, the disappearing messages feature to individuals. With this setting, messages will disappear after 7 days. Remember! messages will disappear from the chat with whom you have interacted but, not outside the devices if they have been forwarded or stored within the device, or any screenshots are taken. To enable this feature, open a chat and tap on the View contact on Horizontal ellipsis or more options to get started.

6. Payments — the latest WhatsApp feature

A brand new feature for all WhatsApp users to make payments by linking your bank accounts. Remember! you can only make payments to people who have already set their payment methods on their respective Whatsapp account or using. You can pay or request payment from people who have enabled this feature. To begin with, this feature, click on Horizontal ellipsis or more options from the main tab > > Add payment method > Add active UPI bank accounts to send and receive payments.

I believe, you enjoyed reading this post and found some of the great features on WhatsApp to start using them from today. If you have any more queries or need help visit, the WhatsApp FAQs page. People who read this article also read 20 Best Apps to Earn Paytm Cash Quickly in India. For similar posts, subscribe to us, have a great year!

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