Create A Business Page On Google Pay App?

Praveen Kumar BK
3 min readMar 13, 2021

Create your personalized business page on the Google Pay App. A new feature, that has been launched on International Women’s Day 2021 for Indian homepreneurs. This feature would enable you to showcase the business to your contacts or users.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, Google India has introduced this brand new feature of the Google Pay App. Where you can create and manage a customized business page on the Google Pay App.

business page on google pay app
Image source: Google India YouTube channel

The Google Pay business page feature launch

It’s not easy getting business on the internet, and shopping online is still a challenge for many due to concerns over secure payments, product quality, etc. With this exclusive feature for homepreneurs, or anyone who owns a business can now create their online shopping store for products or services.

A feature that is one of the firsts

We are aware of the desktop business page such as the Facebook business page, GMB page, but this is something one of the firsts.

And, do not misinterpret this feature with Google Pay Business Account or Google My Business Page. It is on Google Pay mobile app where you can create an easily manageable catalog and start receiving payments seamlessly.

Once, you are finished creating your business page, you can share it with your contacts, friends, or potential buyers and on social media platforms for free.

What can you do with the Google Pay business page?

  1. Adding Products or service items
  2. Add a description to your business page
  3. Receive payments by interacting with the business owner via messages
  4. Deleting items that you have added
  5. Delete or manage the business page

Let’s experience each one of these functions step-by-step within few minutes below, but before that, you need to understand the policies of the GP business page. Those policies include limitations, requirements, restrictions.

The limitations

  1. Your items are visible to users, only after review and approval from Google
  2. You can show only one image for the product/service
  3. The title is restricted to 30 characters
  4. The limit of the product description is 150 characters
  5. You can’t add video
  6. You can add a number of items on the page

Find what all is prohibited with regards to your products and services listing on the business page

The requirements

  1. Actual image of a product or service, or you can use copy-right free images if you do not have one
  2. Title for your product or service
  3. Price as options
  4. Brief description of a product or service
  5. Business page description
  6. PAN card details

The restrictions

  1. Items are visible to customers only after reviewing and approval from Google Pay
  2. Google pay has clearly defined policies for Google Pay business owners
  3. You can’t advertise affiliate products or third-party products
  4. If you violate Google Pay policies for any reason, you may no longer be allowed to transact and the account may get permanently suspended

How to create a business page on Google Pay app?

Check here, the steps and slideshows about the entire process, to create a business page on Google Pay app in detail.



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