How To Share Apps Without Using Shareit Or Any Other Apps

Praveen Kumar BK
2 min readMar 18, 2021


Find a brand new feature, to share your apps on Google Play Store without using Shareit or any other apps. Available on all Android supported smartphones, for free and safe cross-platform app transfer. And, without the internet!

Do you use Shareit or similar apps to share apps across devices? Now, you need not totally rely on them. The recent feature update to Google Play Store does with ease, where you can send and receive apps offline across android devices.

Bluetooth was the only reliable choice for inter-device file sharing a decade ago. Recently, Shareit App is popular amongst the public for sharing different file types like music, documents, video, apps, Et Al. With this new feature on Google Play Store, the popular apps sharing activity would transition user choice.

How ‘share’ feature on the play store is helpful?

This is an in-app feature, supports sharing Play Store Apps, not other device files like Shareit does. Sharing Play Store games, books, and movies are not part of it.

Two things you can do with this feature [Play Store to Play Store]

  • Send or share apps on the Play Store
  • Receive apps from Play Store

You can use Shareit if you wish to share, other internal device files apart from Apps. The send and receive options on Google Play Store, lets you share apps without the use of internet data.

How to share apps without using Shareit or any apps?

There are instances where Shareit doesn’t work on smartphones like Oneplus, Samsung, Mi, as such cases you can use this feature. As it’s an inbuilt feature on Play Store now, you need not lend extra space or use the internet.

Steps to share apps and games without using Shareit:

Step 1: Open your Play Store app and click on >> Menu

Step 2: Click on My Apps & Games on your Play Store

Step 3: On the My Apps & Games screen, navigate to the fourth tab ‘Share’

Step 4: Now you can send and receive apps with anyone you wish to or a nearby Google Play user

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Step 5: You can choose multiple apps at one go

Step 6: With the ‘Send’ button you can share your apps with verification of the device

Step 7: By using a ‘Receive’ button, you will have to wait for the sender to send the apps

Step 8: After the app(s) has been shared, the receiver may have to install the app on his/her device

The above-mentioned steps may give you a clear picture of, how to share apps without Shareit or any other apps. Watch the below video for a clear understanding.

Share apps without Shareit on Play Store

I hope, you were able to learn to send and receive apps without Shareit on Google Play Store offline. For queries, you can reach out to my inbox or comment below. I shall try to respond swiftly!

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